International Projects

The planning of an structure, in competitive key needs nowadays, more than in anytime else , attention aimed to the intensification of the local product, to the realization of unique structure, in harmony with the chacacteristics of its territory, and at the same time , being aware of the necessary of using advanced technology in order to guarantee the best service to the client, and contemporary, reduce the management cost and the maintenance of structure itself.


Semiahmoo: Up – Forming Plaza through Residential Towers

To break off the schematic system of the existing city model to define architectonic structures of impact, outside the traditional outlines but, in the same time respecting the sustainable requirements.
To create a flexible and variable public space.
The architecture of new buildings should carry out, thanks to its heterogeneous funtions, nodal peculiarity about the surronding city model in the same time such architectures are based on sustainable criteria: natural ventilation, collection water, eolic energy production, fotovoltaic facades.
Art and technology are mixed in order to answer to the primary requirement of the psychophysical well-being of citizens.

Grassau - Germany


5 Stars Luxury Hotel, 330 rooms, restaurants, shopping center, conference room, fitness center, indoor swimming pool.

Preliminary project for the construction of a hotel situated along the Monaco-Saltzburg highway.
The architectural design of the project had to take into account on one hand the requirements of the local community with respect to the location’s architectural traditions and on the other hand the need to build a structure that was architecturally functional and highly innovative, a structure that could become an effective reference point – through its services and aesthetics – for those passing on the abovementioned road. Given its, the structure had to meet the requirements of a heterogeneous clientel: both businessmen and families on holiday must be able to fid in this structure the answer to their specific requirements.

Marquerstain - Germany


Qingdao - Cina


“A” Tall Building 5 Stars Luxury Hotel, restaurants, congress center, fitness center, sporting center
“B” facility and Commercial center
“C” Apartaments, Condominium, offices

Preliminary project.
Competition for a redefinition project for an area located on the coast of Qingdao. The requirements of the project as like the indications of local authority and that like create a multi funzional area whith public structures like commercial areas and open spaces and hotels, offices and residences. The aforementioned functions had to be separated into more blocks in order to comply with the requirements of the owner of the land to separate the commercial and residential areas. Such requirements determined the designation of a taller building for a hotel and offices, two lower level building for residences and one lower level bloch for commercial structures in part characterised by a large elevated square from the terrace of which it is possible to enjoy a panoramic view of the bay.

Taipey - Taiwan